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What are the benefits of our courses


Tehran Business School with the aim of improving individual and organizational and wealth creation skills in people, offers several courses in the field of establishing and managing a successful business based on the latest educational standards


Become a pioneering organization in your field of business and update your business knowledge.


Familiarize yourself with management research, improve your organization skills and become a professional business consultant


Learn the practical methods of professional business management and increase your income


get your valid MBA degree from Germany Without traveling to Germany and knowing the German language


Learn the necessary skills to operate in financial markets such as the stock market, digital currency and FOREX like professional traders


Develop your skills in your preferred areas of business and gain deeper insight into various aspects of your career.

HDWM University, Germany

Completing the German MBA master’s course can be a wonderful opportunity for your life and career. You should know that MBA income in Germany and Europe is very high for graduates of this course! but why?

MBA is the most popular course in the world. Because

First, it provides high-level job positions and high incomes to its graduates

Second, it is a golden opportunity to continue studying at higher management levels in universities

And third, it is an unparalleled chance to build a prosperous life beyond the borders.


In 1374, the first business school named Tehran Science and Technology began its activity with the approval of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

Tehran Science and Technology is the model institution of the country in the last 10 years and chosen by entrepreneurs. The presence of high-ranking managers in the classes of this institution has facilitated the growth conditions for talented people.

The different educational system and scientific content of this institution, which is the distinguishing point of this center, is accepted by many universities in the world, and for this reason, Tehran Business School managed to be included in the list of top business schools in the Middle East in 2021.


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Tehran Business School started working in 1374 with the aim of developing knowledge and skills in the fields of higher education. This institution is the first free higher education institution in the country and is recognized as the most prestigious Iranian educational institution from the perspective of the Asian Universities Ranking Center in 2020.

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